Why Choose Goodbye Excess Insurance?

High Insurance Premiums and High Excesses are now part of everyday life and as per usual we the consumers have to suffer. With Goodbye Excess you can at least level the playing field and protect that excess with any one of our excess insurance policies.

How Does Excess Protection Cover Work?

You’ve got insurance, so you’re covered if you need to claim – right? Wrong!

If your policy includes an excess then your insurer will only cover part of your claim – leaving you to pay an excess of hundreds or even thousands of pounds! And things are only getting worse, as the insurers apply higher and higher mandatory excesses.

Most insurers even encourage you to add a big voluntary excess on top. It’s a smart way to lower your premium at the outset, but here’s the rub – if you need to make a claim you’ll end up paying even more!

The answer… Excess Protection!

Excess cover is designed to protect you by covering your excess and reimbursing you if you’re unlucky enough to need to claim! Our excess protection is the perfect solution for anyone who wouldn’t be able to afford their mandatory excess if the worst happened, and it’s also a great choice for savvy shoppers who want the freedom to lower their premiums by accepting a bigger voluntary excess – without the risks that normally brings!

Looking for Young Drivers’ Excess Cover?

Insurers are especially hard on young drivers, often applying mandatory excesses as high as £2000! Luckily our cover comes with no age restrictions, so if you’re looking for young drivers’ excess protection then you’re on the right site. If the worst happens, and you do have to make a claim, then our excess protection could save you making that humiliating trip to the bank of mum and dad!


Options for Your Car, Home and Business!

As well as offering excess protection cover for cars, motorbikes, multi-car policies, commercial vehicles, fleets, hire cars and taxi cabs, we even provide business and home insurance excess protection…

Whether you’re a young driver, a not-so-young driver, a business or home owner Goodbye Excess really is your one-stop-shop for all your excess protection needs!

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