If you’ve been adamant about living your two-wheeled dreams for a while now, then you’d most likely be delighted to know that there’s one more reason not to hold back anymore. That is, motorcycle insurance is becoming more accessible.

Thanks to several developments in the insurance industry, bringing your two-wheeled cruising daydreams to life has become a whole lot more financially feasible (even if your spouse or mother incessantly tells you otherwise). Once you’ve taken the required riding classes and passed all the necessary examinations, the only thing between you and being free on the open road with your iron steed is getting the right insurance.  

Getting a great insurance plan, however, entails choosing the right bike for your needs and abilities because an insurance agent is only going to approve your application if you meet the standards. Let’s look at a few options to choose from and see what best suits your abilities and needs: 

1. Modern cruiser bikes | Insurance cost: Mid to High

Evel Knievel, Peter Fonda, Elvis Presley, and Dennis Hopper were all responsible for popularizing the classic cruiser bike: a bad-to-the-bone machine that doesn’t go as fast as a track bike but possesses a commanding presence with its unmistakeable V-twin rumble. 

Cruiser bikes are best for “low and slow” riders—ones who look for comfort and distinguishment and would rather enjoy the journey than shatter speed records on the way to their destination. If you’re in the market for a great cruiser bike, then it’s best to go for Harley Davidson’s Street 750, Triumph’s Street Twin, or Honda’s Rebel 500. 

2. Sportbikes | Insurance Cost: High

Best known as the leanest and meanest options in the motorcycle industry, sportbikes are the laboratory-built specimens that manufacturers use to test cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of performance. The quintessential sportbike is ideal for riders who want to feel as one with their machine, putting in full commitment with every chicane and straightaway with the roll of a wrist and the swing of a hip.

As attractive as the idea of coming in to surprise your friends with a Panigale V4R or S1000RR may be, getting a high-tier sports bike as a first-time rider will have you eating the curb right out the dealership. Should you find yourself really hellbent on following the path of the sportbike, it’s best to start small with Kawasaki’s Ninja 400,  Yamaha’s R3, or Honda’s CBR500R. 

3. Mopeds | Insurance cost: Low

Commonly associated with Italian countrysides and romantic lunches in Marseille, mopeds (or scooters, as they’re alternatively called) are a two-wheeled option that embodies the motto “fun-sized with a surprise.” Given their nimble size, scooters are a great option for any rider that wants to start small but is keen on conquering urban gridlock with great gas mileage, lower prices, and the lowest running costs in the market. 

While they may have smaller, less-powerful engines than the other two options on this list, mopeds or scooters still pack tons of fun for everyday use. If you’re looking to get started with a high-quality moped that’s undeniably enjoyable, then opt for Vespa’s various models, such as the GTS300, Sprint 150, and Primavera. 

Getting a motorcycle for the first time is a thrilling experience that entails preparation, research, and full financial and learning commitment. Once you’ve determined what type of bike is best for you, make sure to protect yourself by getting motor vehicle insurance as well as excess protection. Doing so will ensure that you’re safe in the case that you need to make a claim that your insurer doesn’t cover! Talk to the UK’s best provider over at Goodbye Excess for a plan that will set you up with motorbike excess insurance to keep you and your new ride safe today!