Part of a motorcycle’s appeal is the idea of taking it out on a road trip, speeding through wide-open lanes. With the wind pressing against you as you hear the booming sound of your chopper, these rides are exhilarating and thrilling. However, not all trips are as idyllic. Even if you avoid driving through busy streets, traffic is bound to catch up on you. 

Riding through congested streets is every motorcyclist’s nightmare. Imagine dealing with different kinds of vehicles trying to cut you as you pay attention to street signs, traffic lights, and closing speeds. And then there are the pedestrians. To make it through unscathed, one needs to have a particular set of multitasking skills. 

Motorcycle accidents can be as minor as getting a small cut and bruise, or they can be as dangerous as fatally hurting another person. Avoid road injuries by preparing for your battle against traffic. Here are five smart safety tips to consider before you head out:

  1. While driving, always check mirrors—your own and other vehicles’

Minding your mirrors can make or break your ride. Always remember that there are blind spots left and right, so regularly scan your environment while driving. Be sure that your mirrors are correctly adjusted relative to your sightlines. 

Mirrors of other cars and motorbikes also contain important clues. Observe drivers’ movements through their windows and reflections. This strategy will allow you to anticipate their sudden moves. Usually, drivers who intend to switch lanes move their heads to their intended direction. 

  1. Be ready with your brakes

When driving through traffic, always expect the worst. Know that there will be clueless pedestrians who will spring up from nowhere. There will be distracted motorists who are driving while texting. You must be quick to react, and this means that you must be ready to hit the brakes at any point. It’s wise to keep a finger or two on your brake lever and have your right toe near the rear brake pedal. 

  1. Be ready to accelerate

Just as you are prepared to halt anytime, be prepared to speed up in an instant as well. In traffic, there are cases when going forward is better than stopping. Ride a gear lower so you will be able to react quickly and appropriately.

  1. Dress to stand out

You may want to sport that all-black biker style, but save that for your next long cruise. In traffic, other drivers and commuters must see you even from afar. Opt for bright coloured clothes and accessories, such as hi-vis yellow suits and eye-catching helmets.

  1. Don’t go with the flow

One advantage of motorcycles is its manoeuvrability. Utilize this and ride in open zones while driving through traffic-choked areas. Find gaps in between groups of cars. Also, try to vary your speed from time to time. Going with the flow makes you invisible to other drivers. Always remember that it’s best to distance yourself from four-wheelers and blind spots. 

The rising number of road accidents these days is alarming. When taking your chopper out for a ride, always stay alert, and remember these safety tips. Another way to be a responsible motorist is by getting a motorcycle excess insurance. Knowing that your bike is covered in case of an accident and damage gives you peace of mind. Get in touch with us today and learn how you can avail of this affordable and practical policy.

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