After months of searching, planning, and budget allocation, you’ve managed to find yourself the perfect rental car for the trip of your dreams. 

The gas mileage is great, the price is decent, it’s got some nifty heated seats, and looks splendid both in photos and real life. Somewhere along the way of finalising your agreement with the car hire company that’s managed to make this great deal, you land in some territory that’s a bit familiar still pretty foreign: insurance.

By the time you get to the entire added policy calculation and insurance upsell spiel, you’ll probably notice that the once-low price tag has now shot up and caught you by surprise. Beyond the basic insurance scare, however, the concept of excess is bound to rear its ugly head and cause you to start doubting whether or not you should just ditch the whole thing. That is where car excess insurance can definitely help. 

What does it do?

Car excess insurance acts as an alternative to the standard yet insurance policies that are available at any car rental company. It is commonly available at independent specialist institutions and service providers and is far more affordable than standard insurance plans. Typically pegged at £45, it’s easily available for any renter without compromising on coverage or service quality. 

How does it work?

These types of insurance policies entail choosing a basic option that carries a high excess. That always leads to a need to block a deposit on one’s credit card to cover the fee. 

Although a company will try to play hardball and sell you an additional insurance policy, you aren’t obliged to take it because you can make a claim with the car hire excess insurance company instead. By the time you put all the necessary paperwork together and submit them to the company, you’ll be able to get your refund as part of your policy. 

How can you make your experience much better? 

If it’s your first time to get car excess insurance, there are a few ways that you can make the entire experience of using the policy much better, such as:

Renting from reputable companies

Purchasing the right car excess insurance policy to best serve your needs entails approaching a reputable company. By doing your research and reading reviews, you’ll be able to find the right insurance provider easily.

Take detailed photos of your rental

In the UK alone, there are thousands of dispute cases between car renters and rental companies based on the damage that the former swear they didn’t do—an issue that can actually be solved by taking photos of the car inside and out. Before leaving the office with your rented car, you can make it a lot easier to ensure that you’ll be reaping the full benefits of an excess policy by taking photos of any existing damage you may come across. 


Getting a car hire excess insurance policy is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your rental experience goes as best as possible. By following this quick guide, you’ll be able to keep your money and yourself safe from unwanted trouble—both financially and legally.

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