When the concept of car insurance comes to mind, most people tend to think of getting more protection for their own vehicles and nothing else. Know that car insurance, however, goes beyond protecting what you own. In fact, you can even get car insurance for any vehicle that you’ll rent! 

During the process of renting a car, most people find themselves in a tough situation when the rental service providers offer additional insurance coverage. Admittedly, it can be quite easy to take a pass on getting extra coverage because it only seems like an unnecessary expense that you won’t need to use. 

Regardless of whether you’re renting a vehicle to go on a road trip with friends or take your family across the country, it is always best to get car insurance so that you will be protected at all times. 

The cost of rental car insurance

If you’re keen on protecting everyone in the car during any emergency situation, know that getting rental car insurance will set you back anywhere between £10 to £30 per day. In most cases wherein the basic coverage won’t suffice, however, it’s safe to assume that you’ll have to pay an upwards of £30 to get higher-end policies. 

Can your rental car also be covered by your current car insurance policy?

This is a common question that car owners tend to ask when renting a car. Fortunately, it is possible to have your primary auto insurance act as coverage for your borrowed vehicle in order to avoid paying extra costs as most policies come with a rental vehicle clause. 

Before you skip the entire rental car insurance payment process and save some money, however, it is important to ask yourself these two important questions first:

How much liability coverage do I have?

Generally, most car rentals in the United Kingdom have a fixed amount of liability coverage that goes on top of the pre-existing coverage that’s in your current car insurance policy. It is important to consider, however, how much liability insurance that you have because there are some cases wherein the total coverage won’t suffice in even the most minor of accidents. 

If your current policy doesn’t have enough coverage to take care of another driver’s injuries and damages to their vehicles and property, then you may need to get a separate policy for your rental car. 

Does my current policy have full coverage?” 

Full coverage is essentially a type of car insurance policy that covers every aspect of a car accident, such as comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. Depending on the insurance provider, however, keep in mind that a full coverage car insurance policy might not cover any rental vehicles—eventually leading to a costly situation if you forgo rental car insurance. 

Getting rental car insurance can make a significant difference in your financial obligations should any emergency situations or unforeseen circumstances occur. With a complete insurance policy, you can skip the entire rental car insurance application and payment process and let your current insurance policy provide a form of security instead! 

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