If you have been researching your car hire options for your family trip, you have probably come across the term car hire excess by now. An excess is an amount you have to pay the rental agency if something happens to the car hire that damages it. 

Usually, car hire agencies will have an insurance policy for their vehicles. You can see this when you look at your car hire agreement; it’s that extra cost on top of the price of the actual car hire. Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive and go even higher, depending on the vehicle type. 

While paying an excess for an insurance claim can be expensive, there are ways for you to reduce your excess as well as recover the cost. One smart way to do this is to take out a car hire excess insurance. In this article, we’ll be answering frequently asked questions about that, which could help you reduce your excess, too.  

When should I get a car hire excess insurance? 

After looking at your car hire agreement, and you feel that the excess is quite high for your budget, taking out a car hire excess insurance is a smart move. Most car hire agencies charge £500 to £1,000 excess for vehicle damages, but having excess insurance can help you cover this cost in case an accident happens. 

What is the cheapest way to have car hire insurance? 

As contradicting as it may sound, the first and most important thing to remember to get a good deal on car hire insurance is not to get it from your car hire agency. The deals they offer are usually more expensive, and you will be better off shopping around and comparing quotes. 

Along with comparing your insurance options, read car hire excess insurance review as well so that you get a better idea of what you’re getting. 

Lastly, choose the ideal payment terms for your budget while taking into consideration the type of coverage you need. For example, if you need an annual car hire excess insurance policy, examine whether splitting the cost into monthly payment terms is practical for your income and budget.

How do I claim my car hire excess insurance?

The first thing to do is to contact your car hire excess insurance provider and inform them about your claim. They will ask you to submit the claims form by email or post, but some providers have online systems for these. 

Remember to make your claim as soon as you have submitted your primary claim because most insurers are unlikely to pay out 31 days after that is submitted.

Are there any other types of excess insurance?

There are two main types of excess insurance: single policy, which covers the excess on one insurance policy like your car excess insurance, and the lifestyle policy, which covers the excess on several different insurances. Aside from car hire excess insurance, you can also take out excess insurance for things like pet and travel insurance. 


Planning for holidays and making sure everything goes smoothly can be stressful. It’s supposed to be the time to have fun and enjoy, not the time to worry about having car trouble—and the high costs to compensate for the damages. 

Taking out a car hire excess insurance is a smart way to save yourself from costly excesses, but to get the best deal, make it a point to shop around and compare quotes. 

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