Business Excess Insurance

Is your business insurance policy providing you with the cover you need? Why not supplement it by taking out business excess insurance?

Business Excess Protection – Can You Afford Not To?

You’ve spent years building your business, but risks like fire, vandalism and theft could all threaten your livelihood. It would be reassuring to believe your business insurance policy covers you against these risks – but how about your excess?

Have you considered what would happen if you had to claim: how you’d pay the excess, and whether doing so would harm your cashflow and undermine your business’ operations?

Companies can be faced with big excesses when taking out business insurance policies, and business owners often have no choice but to accept the policy with the lowest premiums – whatever excess that may come with. Business excess protection is often the only way to achieve peace of mind.


Business Insurance Excess Cover – How the Numbers Stack Up

As a business owner, you may well have a policy with a four-figure excess. Let’s look at how a £1000 excess could shift the costs of an incident where the insurer settles the claim:

Take an act of vandalism, where vandals have caused a total of £1650 damage to a shopfront; in this case, the policy holder would foot the bill for the first £1000, and the insurer would only chip in £650. Clearly, this isn’t an arrangement the average business owner would be happy with.

But excess insurance offers an alternative; in the example above, business excess insurance could have provided a supplementary level of protection, by covering the £1000 excess.

Our Business Excess Protection Levels

Businesses come in many shapes and sizes, and so do the insurance policies they take out. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive range of business excess cover levels, to allow you to choose the perfect amount of excess protection for your business. You can learn exactly what’s covered and find the policy information and legal details on the purchase page, where you can also buy a policy simply by filling out our short and secure application form.

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