Car Excess Insurance

With car insurers setting sky-high excesses, drivers are feeling the pinch when they claim – but car excess insurance offers an innovative solution.

Car Excess Insurance Explained

All car insurance policies come with an excess, and this is the amount of money you will have to pay towards any claims you make. Your insurance provider will cover some of the costs, but you’re in charge of paying all the excess.

So, car excess insurance is here to provide you with added protection. It will cover both voluntary and compulsory excess, so you’re not forced to use your money to pay for any excess charges when you make a claim.


Why Buy Car Excess Protection Insurance?

You’re probably wondering; I’m already paying for my car insurance policy, so why on earth should I buy extra insurance on top of that?! It’s understandable to be confused, but the simple fact is that car insurance rarely covers all the things you expect. You assume that your insurer will be there to help cover the costs of repairs after an accident, but that’s not really the case. In most instances, the excess you pay will outweigh what your insurance company contributes.  

So, you should buy car excess insurance to get the protection you deserve. Not only that, but there was a time when most insurers were reasonably fair with the excesses they charged. It used to only be a hundred pounds or so, which was fair enough. Nowadays, you will experience car excesses that have climbed to £1000 or more! 

The Shocking Truth About Car Insurance Cover

The cost breakdown below shows an example of who pays what following an incident that leads to a successful car insurance claim. It also does an excellent job of illustrating how terribly exposed drivers are thanks to high excesses:


Car insurance excess: £1000
Cost of damage: £1600
Insurer’s contribution: £600
Cost to the policyholder: £1000

You see, the policyholder ends up paying almost twice as much as the insurer thanks to the ridiculously big excess. It makes you wonder; what benefits am I even getting from my car insurance?! As such, it’s clear to see why so many people are taking out car excess insurance policies to cover their excess.

What Does Car Excess Insurance Cover?

Imagine you’re in a situation where you need to make an insurance claim because something has happened to your car. You’ve been in an accident, and it’s going to cost a fair bit of money to pay for the damages. As the example above shows, you have an excess that you’re forced to contribute to – this is called the compulsory excess. However, you might also have a voluntary excess to pay as well. Voluntary excess is what you’ve agreed to pay on top of the compulsory excess. So, you could have an excess of £1000 but agree to a voluntary one of £100 on top of that. It’s not uncommon for people to agree to voluntary excesses as it helps get a lower premium on their insurance.

Our car excess insurance will cover both your compulsory and voluntary excess for any claim made. We’ve used car repairs in an accident as an example, but we also cover fire, theft, and flood damage too.

Therefore, if you have an excess of £1000 and damages totalling £1600, then the situation has now changed thanks to your car excess insurance. You pay nothing, your excess insurance covers the £1000, and your insurer pays the £600!

Choose From A Range Of Excess Cover Options

We provide standard car insurance excess cover, but we also have loads of other options available as well. This includes multi-car excess protection that’s perfect for families or individuals with more than one vehicle. We also go one step further by providing lifestyle excess cover to help protect your home, car, and travel excess – all under the same policy!

If you want the very best car excess cover around, then click on the link below to buy it now. You’ll see precisely what’s included in the policy, everything that’s covered, and all the essential legal bits as well.

Car Excess Protection Insurance FAQ’s

Is Car Excess Insurance For Young Drivers?

Definitely! In fact, we’ve noticed that young drivers are the ones that get hit with the biggest excess increases. This really isn’t fair, particularly when you realise a lot of young drivers are students without much money. So, our car insurance excess cover can be used by both young and old drivers alike. 

How Long Will The Policy Last?

Our car excess insurance policies will cover you for a year – 12 months following your purchase. When the term ends, you can renew it for another year. 

Is There A Claims Limit?

Yes, but this is decided by you when you purchase the insurance. We currently over five different cover levels: £250, £300, £500, £1000, and £2000. Essentially, your limit is the amount you purchase. 

Can I Make Unlimited Claims?

Technically, there’s no limit to the number of claims you can make under your excess insurance policy. However, you have to stay within the claims limit. For example, if your limit is £2000 and your excess is £500, you could theoretically make four claims before your limit is reached. 

Is There A Time Limit On Claims?

You need to make a claim within 30 days of the incident. Ideally, you should make it as soon as possible. 

Can I Use This Policy To Cover A Pre-Existing Incident?

Sadly, we can’t provide any excess cover for incidents that happened before you bought our policy. 

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