Car Excess Insurance

With car insurers setting sky-high excesses, drivers are feeling the pinch when they claim – but car excess insurance offers an innovative solution.

Why Buy Car Excess Insurance?

Any responsible driver will have a car insurance policy in place to cover them on our busy roads – in fact, it’s a legal requirement. But does that car insurance really offer the cover you’d expect? The answer’s probably no – and the reason is the level of excesses that insurers are applying to policies.

There was a time when most insurers applied modest excesses of a hundred pounds or so, but recent years have seen that climb sharply, and today, drivers can be exposed to excesses of £1000 – or even more.


The Truth About Car Insurance Cover

This cost breakdown shows who pays what following an incident that results in a successful car insurance claim – and illustrates how badly exposed drivers are as a result of high excesses:

Car insurance excess: £1000

Cost of damage: £1600

Insurer’s contribution: £600

Cost to the policy holder: £1000.

As you can see, big excesses immediately increase the cost that’s incurred by the policy holder – and excesses can apply to all kinds of claims, from accidents through to fire, theft and flood damage. No wonder that so many people are turning to car excess insurance as a way to cover their excess.


Is Car Excess Insurance for Young Drivers?

Absolutely! Our car insurance excess cover is for young drivers and old drivers alike. That’s because we know that young drivers have been hit the hardest by excess increases, and facing a four-figure bill can be too much for many students or other young people to cope with.

Our Excess Cover Options Explained

Our standard car insurance excess cover is just one of many options – if you or your family have more than one vehicle, then why not consider our multi-car excess protection, or explore our lifestyle excess cover to protect your home, car and travel excesses, all under one convenient policy.

If you’ve checked out your options, and settled on our car excess cover, then use the link below to learn exactly what’s covered, view the important legal bits and buy a policy.

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