Commercial Excess Insurance

Our commercial vehicle excess insurance was designed with the needs of van and small truck drivers in mind.

Insurance Excess Cover for Commercial Vehicles

If you’re like most local service providers, then your van is your business – and without it you can’t operate. But keeping a commercial vehicle on the road can be costly, and when it comes to insurance, you may be left asking just what you’re really paying for.

With insurers applying excesses that can run to four figures, many commercial vehicle drivers can be left wincing at the cost of claiming after an incident.


Is Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance Worth It?

Insurance policies are all about risk reduction, but with the hefty excesses that insurers like to apply, policy holders are still left to shoulder a lot of risk themselves. Let’s imagine your van insurance excess is £500. In the event that you made a successful claim for damage costing £750, you would be responsible for the first £500, with your insurer only covering £250. That means you’d end up paying two-thirds of the bill yourself.

As this example shows, van insurance policies don’t always provide the cover you may need, and with excesses rising in recent years, the problem has become a serious one for policy holders. Fortunately, commercial vehicle excess protection is designed to cover the high excesses today’s policies come with, and offers drivers greater peace of mind as they go about their business.

Our Commercial Vehicle Excess Cover Options

We offer multiple cover limits designed to cater to the needs of different customers. The options, prices and legal information can be viewed on the following page, along with a guide to what exactly your policy will cover. Simply use the link below to access the policy details and buy online quickly and securely.

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