The automotive world is a rather expensive one, wherein a car nowadays is not exactly an investment anymore, but more of an actual liability due to all the costs down the line. Even though this is the case, a vehicle that you can rely on is usually a need in most areas of the world. Whether it be a private vehicle that you use to get to work and to other places, or a commercial vehicle that you purchased to expand your business, you will want it insured. 

An auto policy is important because damages you are bound to sustain while on the road can be quite pricey, especially when two parties are involved. When dealing with commercial vehicles on the road, chances are that you have your company name plastered onto the sides or wrapped around in a livery. In order to protect your business name and reputation from being tarnished due to accidents that you have no control over, insurance policies are your best bet. 

When is Commercial Auto Insurance Required?

Law states that any type of motor vehicle must always be insured the moment it rolls off showroom floors. Even more so for company cars used for business purposes and registered under a non-personal entity.

When employees are the ones driving the vehicle, it is required that an auto policy be in place over the course of doing business, such as transporting staff, running errands, or making deliveries. 

Commercial coverage may be required for the following functions of the vehicle:

  • Transporting heavy equipment and supplies
  • Transporting hazardous materials
  • Transporting housekeeping equipment
  • For carrying a trailer for larger vehicles
  • Utilizing tow features of your vehicle to assist other vehicles
  • Delivering food goods, wholesale, or retail products
  • Trucking and freighting
  • Chauffeur, taxi, or limousine services

Basically, any type of business conducted that is under the tasks of the business and not a personally owned car will require commercial insurance. If unsure, always consult the advice of an insurance agent. 

Commercial Insurance Prevents Headaches

When dealing with the law, it can be quite complicated and is often a hassle. It is always best to not toy with it, as the costs can be hefty. Asides from legal issues, insuring your vehicle can save a ton of money down the line when it comes to damages caused by wear and tear or contact with other vehicles. Most insurance companies have services for towing and roadside assistance if your vehicle ever experiences issues while on the go. 

Depending on the price you paid for your plan, you will have better coverage for damages of your vehicle. This can save a lot of money if your company car sustains large amounts of damage or just experiences a ton of bad luck throughout the year. You can rest easy knowing that there is a comprehensive plan that is backing your operations in the event of anything going wrong.


When dealing with a car that costs an arm and a leg, you will want to be sure that the arm and the leg you sacrificed will be put to good use. It would be a shame if the vehicle you purchased suffers a wreckage a few days after purchase and you’ll have to be the one to shell out from your own pocket. This is why comprehensive insurance is so important in today’s age because there is no control over what happens on the road or who we come into contact with. 

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