Fleet Excess Insurance

Protect your business from the pain linked to a claim; buy fleet excess insurance from GoodByeExcess.com.

Excess Protection for Fleets

Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business, but having a fleet brings risks; with multiple vehicles comes multiple opportunities for accidents, fire, theft, flood damage or vandalism. You may believe that your insurance policy covers you – but with insurance companies setting ever-higher excesses, the protection that a fleet insurance policy provides is diminishing.

Your business could be exposed to significant costs if you’re forced to make a claim, but fleet excess insurance is designed to enhance your existing insurance cover by protecting your excess. This simple step could reduce your company’s exposure to financial loss should the worst happen.


Do I Need Fleet Excess Protection?

If your fleet insurance policy carries a £1000 excess, then your business will be responsible for paying the first £1000 after making a successful claim. So, if a vandal causes £2160 of damage, your insurance company will cover £1160, but your business is still left £1000 out of pocket.

For many small-to-medium businesses, a £1000 bill could be hard to stomach, and if your business is reliant on your vehicles being up and running 24/7, then that bill will need to be paid urgently. Even if a single payment would be manageable, it’s a simple fact of life that many businesses with fleets make multiple claims throughout a year, and therefore face paying the total value of their excess each and every time.

How to Choose Fleet Excess Insurance

We offer several levels of fleet insurance excess cover in order to meet the varied needs of businesses of different sizes. We’ve set out the choices available, along with the legal details and a breakdown of what’s covered – just follow the ‘Buy Now’ link to learn more.

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