When you have a fleet of vans for your business, one of the biggest factors to consider would be fleet insurance. Multiple providers offer various options, additions, and premium price ranges to garner your patronage, but choosing the best one can be a bit complicated.

More than just safety for your assets, having insurance is mandatory for a business that relies on its vehicles. When searching through providers, knowing a bit about the basics can help you filter out which service is the best for your business.

In order to help you make that decision, here are four primary considerations when looking for a fleet insurance provider for your business.

The Naming of the Policy

One of the two biggest reasons for considering fleet insurance would be the convenience of having one policy. You will only have one policy for the multiple vehicles covered in your insurance—meaning that there’s only one renewal date to worry about! This way, you won’t have to think of the hassle of remembering numerous other dates, especially when you have too many vehicles to take care of daily.

A factor to consider, however, would lie in the policy naming. Some providers may allow the policy to be named to the company or business handling the vehicles, but others may restrict it to the naming of an individual. If it’s to an individual, then ensure to name the proper person, else it might become an administrative problem should that particular person leave or mismanage the business.

The overall cost

The second-biggest reason for choosing fleet insurance would be the overall price. Different providers have different minimum vehicle considerations for their policies, and this would inevitably factor in the overall price. 

Generally, it would be cheaper to consider fleet insurance for more cars, but this might be highly dependent on the number of vehicles you actually do have. Some providers might offer more premium pricing the more vehicles you add into the policy, which is why proper research and accounting has to be done prior to making your final decision.

The driver dependency

Before choosing a fleet insurance provider, make sure to consider the clause regarding who gets to drive the vehicle. Some providers need to assign a specific name to be driving a specific vehicle, whereas other providers have an “any driver” option. 

To avoid any issues, review that clause in advance before deploying your vehicles. It will save you a lot of grief later on, especially if one of your drivers mistakenly brings a different vehicle into an accident.

The premium saving choice

While it may not be concerning, to begin with, also consider who will be driving your vehicles under the fleet insurance. A particularly accident-prone driver can cause your overall insurance premium to be bumped up—which is why some careful decision-making should be employed.

In such an instance, you may want to consider taking a separate insurance policy for that one driver—that way, your overall fleet insurance premium would be protected. It may seem like a needless expense now, but it can save you a huge cost especially when accidents start to happen.


Choosing a fleet insurance provider requires some thought and dedication—which is why it’s necessary to prepare yourself with knowledge and research. With the right provider, your insurance won’t only be able to help you with accidents, but they can also be an overall investment for the future of your business.

Before making that final decision, make sure you’re well aware of the excess policy of your fleet insurance. By knowing this small piece of information, you can assure that your insurance provider has your best interests in mind with your policy. If you’re looking for more information regarding insurance excess and its troubles, then get in touch with us at Goodbye Excess today!