Buying Excess Insurance Cover Has Never been so Stylish!

Here at Goodbye Excess, we’re all about offering our customers affordable-but-effective ways to cover their insurance excess. But then we had an idea – supposing we could do that in style?

So, we did some spring cleaning, eagerly refreshing and simplifying things as we went, to deliver a cleaner, more intuitive user interface. The result… A new-look website with a modern design, fully fit for 2019!


But I can Still Buy Excess Cover – Right?

Absolutely! We might have a slick new interface, but we still offer the same great excess insurance policies. For us, the change was all about presenting our award-winning excess cover in the simplest and frankly, the best-looking way possible!

But just in case you’re thinking we’re all style and no substance, we’ve added plenty of fresh content too. Our FAQs page offers answers to a whole range of questions clients ask about our cover, while each excess protection product page now includes a wealth of extra information.

Late 2018 also saw us start to provide news, updates and articles, right here on the Goodbye Excess blog. So, why all the changes? Simple – they’re all about ensuring that every driverhomeowner and business owner understands that there is a cure for the sky-high excesses the insurers slap on to their policies…

Excess insurance cover!


Help Us Spread the Word

If you’re a long-time excess protector, then this might sound hard to believe – but apparently, there are still millions of people with no idea what excess protection is! With our diverse range of products, it’s not hard to think of a friend, relative, neighbour or colleague who’d benefit from hearing about Goodbye Excess. So, do your bit for your fellow man (or woman, for that matter) and help us spread the word!