Home Excess Insurance

Your insurance is protecting your house, but what’s protecting your excess? Our excess protection is designed to take the sting out of making a claim!

Home Insurance Excess Cover

From housefires to break-ins, there are many threats to our bricks and mortar, not to mention our treasured possessions, so taking out a home insurance policy is one of the smartest ways to protect your financial wellbeing and ensure you have peace of mind.

But if you have to make a claim, you’ll be expected to pay your policy’s excess yourself, and that means you could still end up paying a large percentage of the bill. That’s why many people choose to take out separate excess insurance to supplement the cover provided by their building and contents insurance.


An Example of Home Excess Insurance

Let’s take a simple example to demonstrate how an unprotected excess could affect your bank balance:

We all enjoy an occasional tipple, but red wine and soft furnishings don’t mix. Many household insurance policies cover accidental damage, so you might think that spilling a glass of vino across your carpet wouldn’t be expensive – but here’s an example of how the cost could be shared:

Home insurance excess: £500.

Cost of a replacement carpet: £700.

Insurer’s contribution: £200.

Cost to the policy holder: £500.

The insurers love excesses, and this example shows us why – but you don’t have to settle for this, and covering your excess is simple, all thanks to Goodbyeexcess.com!

Home Insurance Excess Cover Limits

Every insurance policy is different, and excesses can vary widely, so our home excess protection comes with various cover limits to suit different circumstances. Our policy cover limits, prices, details of what’s covered, and legal information can all be viewed on the following page, where you can also buy a policy.

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