When you go on holiday, it’s always beneficial to hire a car. It provides you with an accessible mode of transport, and you get to see things you couldn’t if you solely relied on public transport. This all sounds great, but there is one dark cloud looming above; car hire excess charges.

You see, when you hire a car, you’re usually fully insured. However, this often is subject to an excess – which can be up to a thousand pounds or more. Primarily, if the car is damaged, then you’ll be made to pay costs to cover any repairs up to your excess limit.

Unfortunately, lots of people are forced to pay unfair charges for damages that weren’t their fault. So, if you’re going abroad shortly, then here are some tips to help you avoid car hire excess charges for good:


Inspect Your Hire Car

It’s normal to assume that your hire car is in good nick. But, to be sure, give it a thorough inspection when you pick it up. Take photos of the vehicle from all angles as well, so you have visual evidence of any existing scratches, dents, or damages. This prevents instances where the hire company claims you caused a dent when it was there all along.

Don’t just look at the outside of the car; inspect the interior and inside the bonnet too. Cover all your bases, so they can’t hit you with charges for any unsuspecting damages.


Avoid Eating/Drinking In The Car

You might be tempted to have a snack or guzzle down a coffee when you’re in your hire car. After all, you do the same when you’re in your own vehicle. However, if you want to avoid car hire excess charges, then it’s wise to hold back on anything that can cause a mess. All it takes is one tiny spillage, and the rental company will charge you a lot. They’ll claim it costs a lot for them to clean any stains – regardless of how minor they are. So, don’t give them a chance; keep the car clean and tidy at all times.


Get Car Hire Insurance Excess Cover

The final tip is to protect yourself by taking out car insurance excess cover for hire cars. At Goodbye Excess, we have policies that will cover you when you’re driving cars in other countries. The benefit of this insurance is that your excess gets covered. So, if a car hire company does try and charge you, then our insurance kicks in to help you out. You don’t have to fork out your own cash to pay for excess charges because the insurance will do it for you.

Therefore, you avoid car hire excess charges for good! There’s no telling what can happen when you’re on holiday driving in a different country. The roads are different, the drivers might be crazy; accidents can happen. So, if you’re involved in an incident, then it pays to have excess protection to cover you back.

Make sure you follow these tips the next time you hire a car abroad. So many people get hit with ridiculous excess charges that they’re forced to pay. Don’t let this happen to you; inspect the vehicle beforehand, keep it nice clean, and take out our Hire Car Excess Insurance cover.