Hiring a car while you’re away can give you the flexibility you need to have a great trip, but there’s always the possibility that something could go wrong. It’s not something most people like to think about, but knowing what you should do in this event is crucial. It’s better to be prepared and safe than sorry! 


Even if an accident is not your fault, you still need to know how to act and who you need to contact so that you can get everything sorted in quick time.


Most likely, your trip will be a lot of fun and stress-free, but knowing the things in this post will mean having peace of mind as you drive the hire car. Below, you’ll find out what you should do if you’re in a collision or another accident and how you can keep yourself and your passengers safe. 


First: Check The Safety Of Everybody Involved

You should start by checking the safety of everybody involved in the accident if you can – although this will depend on the seriousness of the accident. You may be able to walk away without a scratch, but anybody who appears to be in serious pain shouldn’t be moved or their injuries could worsen. Try to get away from the road to a place where it’s safe, and do your best to remain calm. This can be tough, but your calm attitude will rub off on others, too. 


If there are casualties that require emergency assistance, you should call for assistance first and then you can attempt to provide basic first aid – but only if it is safe to do so. They may guide you through this on the phone if you are unsure of what to do. 


Get In Touch With The Emergency Services

Write down any emergency numbers down before travelling and make sure they are saved on your phone. Having the number for the police is crucial. You may be able to find these numbers on Google, but it may not be fast enough if you’re in the middle of nowhere or don’t have any data. 


You can then contact the emergency services from a safe location if an accident does occur. You should have a good idea of what the legal requirements are in the country that you’re visiting. In some countries, it may be a legal requirement to contact the police, even if you don’t need emergency assistance (as is the case in Germany). Your hire car policy will detail any requirements, and you should also request a police report as your insurer will need it. 


Get All Essential Details

Don’t forget to get the details of other drivers involved in the accident, including as many witnesses as you can. Make use of the camera on your mobile phone, or if you have a camera on you that may be even better. You can take pictures of the scene, and as many pictures of the vehicle as possible as this will help you to explain what happened and back up your case later. Note down all important details, such as the time, date, and details of the vehicles involved. Include things like damage to the vehicles, damage to any surrounding property, and any injuries that occurred at the scene. You may be presented with a form to fill in to detail the accident depending on where you are, so getting these details down before you need to fill this out can help you. 


Contact The Car Hire Firm

Speaking with the car hire firm will usually mean they will deal with recovery companies and insurers for you. Do not delay on contacting them, and don’t agree to any liability at the scene prior to the car hire firm making a decision on who is responsible for the accident. Admitting liability will mean you are responsible even if it is determined that the accident was not your fault. 


About Car Hire Excess Insurance

If your hire car is damaged or you become involved in an accident, the hire company will charge you for repairs in the form of excess. This could come to thousands of pounds depending on the situation. You may be able to cover the excess figure with hire car excess insurance from Goodbye Excess. You will still need to pay excess if you make a claim, but you can claim the finances back using your policy. If you’ll soon be driving a hire car, get in touch to learn more about hire car excess insurance today!