When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to get into is an accident in your rental vehicle. Lucky for you, car rental companies often upsell insurance when you rent their cars. Some rental companies make it easier for customers by including coverage in a package together with the vehicle. But, these types of insurance don’t cover a lot, and you still pay a hefty sum when your rental gets damaged or stolen.

That brings us to the question: are insurance sold by car rental companies the right choice for you? If your rented car doesn’t have insurance, buy one from an insurance company. If it comes with insurance, you still need to purchase separate insurance that offers more coverage.

Declining the rental company’s insurance offer is a smart thing to do. The protection it offers isn’t enough to handle significant amounts of reimbursement. Here are four arguments that make standalone excess insurance a better option than your default rental insurance:

1. You are FULLY protected

Like any other insurance, excess independent insurance gives you protection from unexpected financial woes. Your default rental insurance only overs the basics, and can’t entirely cover all expenses from severe damage.

You can also travel without insurance, but that is an action that is not recommended by experts. By declining an offer of protection, you can initially save some money, but in the unlikely event your rented vehicle sustains damage, you’re in big trouble.

The moment you rented a car, you agreed to pay a hefty sum if it gets damaged or stolen. In some cases, the money the rental company expects you to pay reaches £2000. You can avoid throwing hard-earned cash to pay for the damages by investing in standalone excess insurance. Some insurance can insure up to £7,500 worth of compensation.

2. Transparency is not an issue

The lack of transparency in any form of business is the main reason for customer complaints. When your rental company sold default insurance to you, you thought it covers everything. You’d get the shock of your life when you find out that it can’t even pay a quarter of what you’re supposed to pay.

A standalone excess insurance details all the coverage within its packages. After all, they want to impress customers with the protection they offer. As a consumer, there is nothing more impressive than a very detailed specification list of a product.

3. Buying online is possible

If you don’t have time to purchase insurance, buying your standalone rental car insurance online is possible with today’s tech. The online option caters to the needs of people who are having a hard time deciding to purchase standalone insurance. Insurance companies know that people make last-minute buying decisions. Making online transactions possible is a good business move that increased its revenue.

4. Annual coverage unlike others

If you often travel, some standalone excess insurance offers protection for up to a year. The best part is all the cars you rent, whenever, wherever, are covered. With this type of investment, you make significant savings.

Are you looking for car excess insurance for your rented car in the UK? Talk to us to see how we can set-up a protection plan for your travels. We’re happy to help.