Lifestyle Excess Insurance

Want to cover your excess on multiple policies, all at once? Our lifestyle excess insurance was created with you in mind!

Lifestyle Excess Protection – The Easy Way!

Nowadays, most of us have multiple insurance policies to protect the things that matter most – things like our car and our house, as well as travel insurance to take care of risks when we take a holiday. But if each of those policies comes with a nasty excess, then even a successful claim could see us left out of pocket.

Luckily, our lifestyle excess insurance offers a simple way to protect your excess, and with cover that applies to car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance excesses, it’s easy to get wide-ranging protection by buying one excess protection policy, instead of three.


How our excess policy works?

When insurers issue policies, they still expect the policy holder (i.e. you) to accept a big slice of the financial pain attached to claiming. In fact, they make sure that you do so – by applying a compulsory excess that can range from around £100 all the way up to £1000+. On top of this, the high premiums that insurers charge tempt many people to add on a voluntary excess – bumping up their own liability still further.

Imagine you took out home insurance with a £500 excess, then had a water leak that caused £1000 of damage – your insurer would only cover half the costs, leaving you responsible for the first £500… Is that a cost you could afford?

Lifestyle excess protection covers your excess and offers a smart way to enhance the protection offered by your car, home and travel insurance policies.

Our Lifestyle Excess Protection Options

We’ve created multiple cover options, so it’s possible to set the level of excess cover you need. Just click ‘buy now’ to view the available cover limits and prices, read what our policies cover, and access the legal information; then you can buy a policy using our secure and easy online application form.

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