Car Hire Excess Insurance

Want excess protection that extends beyond your own car? Our motor and hire car excess insurance is the choice for you.

Car & Hire Car Excess Protection

The reasons for taking out car insurance excess cover are obvious – but what if you travel a lot, and regularly drive hire cars? Driving a hire car can be risky – after all, you’ll be less familiar with the vehicle – it may be larger, more powerful, or just configured differently; it could be a manual, while you usually drive an automatic. There are lots of reasons why driving a hire car can be risky, and those risks can be exaggerated if you’re driving abroad.

If your car insurance excess protection only covers you when you’re driving your own vehicle, then there could be a big hole in your cover – so we’ve developed an excess protection policy that covers your excess when you’re driving a hire car too.


Excess Protection – The Numbers

Car insurance excesses are increasing at a dizzying rate, so even if you make a successful insurance claim, you can’t count on your insurer to cover the full cost of an accident (or an incident like theft, fire, flood, or vandalism). In fact, you can safely count on your insurance not to cover you fully, because you’ll still be exposed to the cost of your excess.

Even if you’re not at fault, getting your excess reimbursed by the liable third party can be far from simple, and with excesses climbing as high as £1000 (or even more), the modern motorist is now expected to pay more than ever. As an example, a policy holder with a £1000 excess would be responsible for paying 80% of the cost of an incident resulting in £1250 of damage.

If numbers like that leave you questioning the value of insurance cover, then excess protection could be the perfect additional product for you.

Our Car Hire Excess Insurance Options

Covering your excess is not only smart, it’s simple too – and our motor and car hire excess insurance comes with different cover limits to make choosing the right protection easy. The cover limits, policy details, and guidance on what’s covered can all be found on the purchase page, where you can also buy a policy securely.

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