Multi-Car Excess Insurance

Our multi-car excess insurance is designed for modern families with more than one car.

Why Choose Multi-Car Excess Protection?

There was a time when the average family counted themselves lucky to have one car, but that time is long gone. Today, most families have at least two cars on the road, and often more than that, but with multi-cars come multi-risks!

It can be disturbing enough to have an accident, or to see your car damaged as a result of a fire, theft, flooding or vandalism – but to make matters worse, our insurers still expect us to pick up a big chunk of the costs when we make a valid claim. Once, our liability was limited to a small and manageable excess, but recent years have seen excesses rise fast, so now many savvy motorists are reacting by taking out excess insurance policies.


Multi-Car Excess Protection – The Figures

Here’s a simple example to show the need for multi-car excess protection:

Insurance policy excess: £1000

Cost of an incident: £1900

Insurer’s liability: £900

Policy holder’s liability: £1000

As you can see, even following a successful claim, the policy holder can still end up paying the bulk of the bill, and the insurance companies offer us little alternative, with eye-watering excesses becoming more and more common. But excess protection provides an extra level of cover, for a simple and affordable annual fee.

Multi-Car Excess Insurance Cover Levels

We know that the level of cover needed can vary widely between one customer and the next; that’s why we’ve created several multi-car excess cover limits, so you can set the value of your cover exactly where you need it. Take your time to compare the options, learn what’s covered, and read the legal details before purchasing a policy; just follow the ‘buy now’ link below.

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