There’s both bliss and fun when it comes to holiday driving. It can be exciting to go on a romantic road trip with your lover, a fun-filled drive with your friends or colleagues, or even a great family excursion. However, basic safety is a top priority, whether you’re going on a vacation in the UK or taking your vehicle overseas. You want to ensure that the travel will go as smoothly as possible and that your life and that of those with you won’t be in danger. 

That said, here are five tips for a safe and fun holiday drive.

1. Pre-travel arrangements

Preparation makes a difference when you are planning for your holiday trip. Start by having a pre-travel checklist, which includes the basics. First, you would want to ensure that your vehicle is in good working condition for the drive. Having a mechanical failure or a breakdown is the last thing you want to happen during the journey. Ensuring that your car is in a safe and roadworthy condition is a foremost consideration.

2. Route planning

You want to make sure that you know which route you will be taking from the starting point to every destination until you return home. It’s best to check online about the safety of the places you are planning to visit. Prepare to use up-to-date software that can alert you to any road closures or maintenance works that might disrupt your journey. 

3. Regular stops

Having regular stops is essential for safe driving. You don’t want to end up weary, tired, or even sleepy during your drive because that might potentially lead you and your passengers into a dreaded accident. Have regular stopovers when you need to take a break, eat for lunch, or even sleep for the night. Having a degree of flexibility is always a good idea, given the possibility of unexpected traffic delays, challenging weather conditions, or the behaviour of other road users. 

4. Emergency preparation

Emergencies can inevitably happen. That said, you must be prepared for any kind of emergency situation along the way. Consider any possibility, such as a vehicle breakdown, and prepare your tools for a quick and easy fix. Anticipate even worst-case scenarios such as medical episode or an unexpected crash. An emergency kit is essential, which includes items such as torch, food and water, blanket, first-aid kit, battery pack, and phone charger. 

5. Insurance

Having insurance is always a good idea before you begin your travel. Having insurance when driving in the UK is a legal requirement, regardless of which country you visit across the EU. The same is true for any form of travel, as an insurance policy should always cover it for legal compliance. Make sure to get the right policy so that you can be insured, should an unexpected circumstance happens on the road. If you intend to hire a vehicle to take overseas, consider obtaining an excess insurance policy. This will add another layer of protection in case your car gets damaged or stolen.

Your safety is a top priority when planning for a holiday drive. Fun and excitement come as secondary. For you to truly enjoy your trip, you have to think first of how you can be safe on the road. Consider the top safety tips mentioned above, and you will surely enjoy your holiday!

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