Taxi Excess Insurance

As a taxi driver, your car is your business – but is your insurance alone enough to protect it, and could you pay your excess if you had to claim?

Taxi Insurance Excess Cover

There’s no shortage of hazards out there on the roads, and taxi drivers get to see more of them than most, so having a good insurance policy in place is a must. But most car insurance policies come with excesses high enough to bring a tear to the eye.

High excesses might be good for the insurers, but for motorists they’re a serious problem, and they can be a real threat to the livelihood of taxi drivers, who rely on their cars every day. Luckily, excess insurance offers an innovative solution.


Why Buy Taxi Excess Insurance?

When you drive for a living, risk becomes a fact of life. Car insurance might seem to offer an answer, but in the event that you make a claim, who’d really end up paying – your insurer, or you? This example shows how the costs can break down in a case where the insurer settles a claim:

Taxi insurance excess: £1000

Cost of damage repairs: £2000

Insurer’s liability: £1000

Policy holder’s liability: £1000

As you can see, that’s really more like being half insured, but that’s where taxi excess insurance can come in, by protecting the excess on a policy.

How Do I Choose Taxi Excess Insurance?

We’ve made it simple for taxi drivers to select the right level of taxi excess cover. With multiple cover limits to choose from, you can opt for the best blend of affordability and cover based on your individual needs. You can find further details about this policy, what it covers, our prices, and the legal info, all by following the ‘buy now’ link below. Then, when you’re satisfied our policy’s right for you, you can apply quickly and securely.

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