People get insurance to protect the things that are important to them, and that could mean paying separate coverage for your home, business, car, and more. If you have insurance, you probably have encountered the insurance excess policy. 

You will see insurance excess in most policies given by insurance providers. Excess is the amount you need to pay once you decide to claim for your insurance. The amount of excess will vary depending on the policy set, but it will always be specified when you buy insurance. 

Understanding Excess

For example, you have car insurance, and in this setup, your agreed excess is £500. When you find yourself involved in an accident worth £1,000, you will need to pay the excess first and your insurance provider would pay the remaining balance, which would be £500. 

For insurance providers, it is their way of setting a limit to make sure you would only exhaust your insurance cost when you need it, in that case, a bigger accident. 

However, it means that having multiple insurances that have various excess policies would cost you more in case you decide to claim any of them. Anything can happen in life. Let’s say a life incident would require you to claim your home insurance, business insurance, and travel insurance all at the same time. With the excess, you need to pay a specific amount first, depending on the required amount for each coverage, before you get the claim you need. 

The Lifestyle Excess Protection

There is a way to help save yourself from all these dreadful excess—you need to acquire a lifestyle excess protection. This insurance offers a way to cover your excess. Getting one is a smart way to enhance your home, travel, and other insurance policies.  

How it Works

The lifestyle excess protection works alongside your existing insurance. The type of insurance policies under it depends on the standard set by your insurance provider. In Goodbye Excess, for example, our lifestyle excess protection can act as umbrella protection for your home insurance, motor insurance, and travel insurance.

With Goodbye Excess’ lifestyle excess insurance, you can finally claim any insurance policies—home, motor, or travel—and have your excess reimbursed. It will help you save money by giving you the capacity to claim back the excess you paid. Having a lifestyle excess insurance will ensure that your insurer will pay you an amount equal to your excess in every relevant period of insurance. That is as long as all information should still be in relation to your main insurance policy and your coverage limit.

In this setup, you have the power to set the level of excess cover you need. In Goodbye Excess, you can choose among £500, £1,000, and £2,000. Your excess insurance will continue to respond for the whole period of insurance or until you have exhausted your cover limit.


If you don’t have the extra money to pay the excess amount required before getting a claim, getting a lifestyle excess protection that can help protect you from multiple excess demands would be a good investment. Moreover, it is a flexible option that will allow you to choose the setup that works for you.

If you want to know more about our lifestyle excess insurance, feel free to contact us today. We are an award-winning excess insurance cover company based in the UK, and we’re here to help you make your way around excess insurance.