When you spend the time furnishing your home and getting it to the standards that you have always wanted, you naturally want to ensure that you protect it from damage. Insurance is the biggest protection that you can invest in for your home, but you have to get the right kind of insurance to ensure your belongings are looked after in the event of an issue. Even when you are in a rented home, you need to look after your things, and the only way forward to manage this is with the right home insurance.


Insurance Policy Options

You can choose to have both buildings insurance and contents insurance as a homeowner, but you may need to think about the excess insurance. Each insurance policy needs home excess protection, but it is important to know everything about this addition to your insurance policy. Your home insurance excess is an amount that is fixed that you have to pay if you make an insurance claim. So, if you have £100 excess, and you are dealing with losing goods worth £500 in a fire, then your insurer will keep that £100 and payout £400 for the loss of goods.


What Are The Drawbacks?

The one drawback to excess on your policy is that if you make a claim on your insurance, your premiums can increase. Due to the costs associated with having home insurance excess, a lot of people choose not to make a claim, taking the hit on their personal cash. It isn’t something to worry about, though, as there are ways to overcome it. Home excess insurance can cover your insurance contribution, which can make you as confident and as assured to make a claim – as you are entitled!


How Goodbye Excess Can Help

You need to feel confident in your insurance coverage, and a part of that comes from having a home excess insurance protection that works for you. At Goodbye Excess, we can protect your excess with any of our insurance products. If your current home insurance policy includes an excess claim, your insurer will only help you with a part of that. With our home excess insurance cover, you will be protected. We can cover your excess and reimburse you if you happen to need it, and it’s the best solution for those who need that extra support if you can’t afford the excess – especially in an emergency.

You want the freedom to lower your premiums, and you can do this by accepting a bigger voluntary excess, and you want to do it without the risk that excess will usually bring. You can save money by taking on a more significant excess even when it sounds counter-intuitive. With the right insurance, you get the right peace of mind in accepting any amount of excess – and you can ensure that you are covered for it! Contact us today, and you’ll be able to protect your excess in no time at all – taking the sting out of making the claim you need.