Whether you’re getting a new motorbike for your birthday gift, or finally saved enough money to purchase your dream bike, there are a few things you can do to make sure the purchasing experience is as smooth as it gets. From purchasing motorbike excess insurance, taking it out for a test ride, or grabbing your license, here are the four things you need to know when you’re buying a new motorcycle.

1. Choosing a Bike

If you don’t already have a bike in mind, deciding on what you want to buy can be quite an ordeal. There are a few factors to keep in mind when looking for bikes—weight, size, price, riding style, engine size, etc. 

Bikes also come in different categories, such as scooters, cruisers, sportbikes, and more. Your choice of bike will depend on, first, your physical body, and second, your experience. For example, if you’re a smaller person, you wouldn’t want a large bike that’s too much for you to handle. However, if you’re already experienced with riding plenty of bikes, you might be able to get away with riding a larger bike.

Once you’ve done your research, visit a dealership to look at the bike in person. Go in there to look at your bike, but don’t forget to look at the other options as well. You can ask for more information from the salesman there. Ask all about the bike, but do not get pushed to purchasing one. Remember, your job at the moment is to gather information, not make a deal. If you do leave with a brand new bike, make sure that you’re 100 per cent sure you want it. 

2. Test Ride the Bike

What better way to know if you like the bike than to ride it around? Take a ride on the bike you have in mind and test its handling, speed, comfortability, and any other aspects you deem essential in a motorcycle. 

Don’t forget to check the breaks by pressing on them as hard as you can, seeing how hard it reacts. If the bike you’re testing has accessories, try them out as well and see if they help enhance your biking experience. 

3. Finance Your Purchase

In any purchase decision, the cost will always play a huge role. If you want to purchase a bike that’s a little out of what you have on hand, you can use loans or other types of methods to help buy your bike. However, it is good to note that if you pay this way, some form of interest and a down payment is present. 

Even if you go down this route, make sure you’re still able to afford to pay for the bike monthly while living normally. It is good to note that the larger your down payment and the shorter the total time it takes to finish paying, the less you’ll be spending overall. 

4. Obtaining License and Insurance

In many cases, a dealership won’t sell you a bike if you don’t have a license. Make sure that you have one on hand before you go out to buy. Otherwise, you’ll leave empty-handed and disappointed. Before making the purchase, you’ll also need to have insurance in mind. Do your research and find the best insurance rates. In many cases, you’ll need insurance to use financing options to pay for your bike, as well as to register it.

By following our tips, you can ensure that you purchase the bike that you want, the way you want it. Don’t forget to obtain your licenses, insurance, and register your bike before taking the bike out to the outside world. As always, keep your bike-related documents on the bike at all times.

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