It pays to stay protected while you are on the road because unexpected accidents are inevitable. If it does happen, having car insurance covers you from paying the other people involved in the crash. Likewise, comprehensive insurance gives a lump sum for repairs or to purchase a new car. Despite these policies, however, more costs are often left uncovered. Fortunately, legal expenses insurance covers more bases but for an additional fee.

Why get legal expenses insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance covers expenses for repairs or reimbursements. However, the policy does not include other related factors, and that’s where legal expenses insurance can help. It allows you to get a replacement vehicle of the same type while the original car is under repair. 

Legal insurance also covers public transportation costs if the replacement vehicle is not available and the legal fees of pursuing compensation for injuries. This insurance type also considers the loss of earnings due to the accident and coverage for damaged items not included in the vehicle. This encompassing insurance also covers towing costs. However, it’s worthwhile to read the fine print to know what you can rightfully claim. 

How to claim my legal expenses insurance?

Call your insurance company’s claim line if it’s time to collect your legal expenses. They will manage claims on your behalf and file legal action if needed. Likewise, the insurance company will also communicate with car providers to get your replacement vehicle. If legal representation for personal injury claims is required, the provider will recommend a solicitor that meets their rigid standards.

The legal expert will make recommendations on whether or not to pursue the case and how you can improve your evidence. Meanwhile, the insurance provider will also assess the damaged items in your vehicle and determine if they will include it in the lump sum.

Find a dependable insurance provider

Insurance companies apply excess or an amount that the policyholder must pay to complete a claim. This payment was put in place to prevent customers from making small claims for minor accidents. However, insurance providers are creating compulsory excesses with high fees that affect their customer’s finances.

Goodbye Excess is an award-winning excess insurance provider located in the UK that specializes in legal expenses and other forms of vehicle excess insurance. They offer car excess insurance that lasts for 12 months and covers up to £2000. There’s also motorbike excess protection that provides the same coverage for bikers and hires car coverage if you are driving a rental vehicle during your travel.

If you own multiple vehicles, they also have Multi-Car Excess Insurance that covers claims for theft, fire, vandalism, or flooding for an annual fee. Goodbye Excess also offers an Excess Taxi Insurance for transportation companies of this nature and Fleet Excess Insurance for freight forwarders. Other vehicles like trucks and vans can be insured under Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance that reduces the payment risks involved in an accident.

While you don’t technically need excess insurance, it gives you a safety net when it’s time to make a claim. 

If you’re looking for excess protection insurance in the UK, get in touch with Goodbye Excess to see how we can help!