Running a commercial vehicle business can be both rewarding and financially challenging. If you’re in the big rig truck business, you’re aware of how these huge vehicles are prone to breakdown and expenses. The reasons can vary from the driving condition to the state of the actual vehicle, and no one can predict when an emergency will happen. 

Roadside assistance is needed to help you ensure your business and drivers are protected at all times. Here are the top reasons that securing insurance is a must when you’re in the big rig truck business:

1. Tyre problems

Tyre problems are said to be the top reason behind big rig trucks’ breakdown. Similar to other types of vehicles, tyre problems for big rig trucks include worn threads, misaligned axles, over inflation, and more. Their tyres are designed to withstand heavy loads, but they also have their limits. What makes big rig trucks more prone to tire problems is the weight of the items they carry. Because of that, tyres wear out quickly compared to regular cars. 

2. Electric problems

Because big rig trucks are bigger than regular vehicles, they have more wirings and more complex electrical systems inside their machine. It will require regular maintenance and checking, especially the battery, starter motor, and alternator. If not maintained well, it can cause machine failure. The truck may not start, or its battery may die in the middle of the drive. These cases should be assisted immediately because some goods inside big rig trucks are time and temperature-sensitive.

3. Problems with brakes

Brakes are said to be the second top cause of breakdown for big rig trucks. It is commonly observed in big rig trucks because their breaks require more pressure when used. This immense pressure can affect the drum break and discs. The more pressure the brakes get, the more they are subjected to friction and heat that can later become the cause of its wearing. 

4. Problems with the cooling system

Similar to the cause of electric problems, the cooling system also has several wirings that need to be constantly checked and maintained. When big rig trucks are in transit, these wirings are more susceptible to breakage and disconnection. It can lead to bigger problems like thermostat issues if not addressed immediately. 

5. Refrigeration problems

Some big rig trucks are required to transport temperature-controlled goods like frozen food and medicine. If their refrigeration feature fails and there’s no immediate roadside assistance, these goods will spoil. That is one major problem that should be assisted and fixed right away; otherwise, the whole load will be ruined.


Huge vehicles are more prone to breakdowns, and it can come from many factors. Being aware of these common reasons for big rig truck breakdown can help you prevent them from happening in the future. In today’s time, getting vehicle insurance is indeed beneficial, but it isn’t enough to help you deal with incidents, especially if you own a commercial vehicle business. High insurance premiums and high excesses are becoming the norm, and this fact sometimes becomes a burden to entrepreneurs instead of a relief. 

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